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About Us
Quality sweets and Indians are inseparable to say the least. Hence there is a big demand for different types of sweets that originate from different regions and states of the country. We, Sai Purohit Sweets-n-Dry Fruits are from Belgaum and are a well-known and highly respected sweet and condiment manufacturer and marketer. We have been in this line of business for a long period of time and therefore we have been able to gather the right kind of experience and expertise. We make a whole variety of sweets ranging from the best of snacks, Bengali sweets, ladu and various other types of sweets. We are also well known for making the famous Belgaum Kunda. These are without doubt one of the most tasty delicacies of Karnataka in general and Belgaum in special. We make them using the best of ingredients and the manufacturing process. The affordable price at which we offer these sweets is also something that makes us different from others in the market.
Why Choose Us
There is no doubt that we are very different from many other sweet makers in this city. This is because we believe in offering a wide variety of sweets taking into account various needs and tastes of our customers. The manufacturing processes and standards are the best and therefore customers can be sure about the excellent quality of sweets that come from our stables.
Quality of Products & Services
We would also like to mention here that quality of the sweets is the best attribute that has helped us to grow this far. Whether it is the quality of the ingredients that we use, the quality of manufacturing and the quality of storing and transporting, we never compromise on standards under any circumstances. Therefore when one looks at the various types of sweets that we have to offer, there is no denying the fact that we are a one stop solution for all varieties of sweets.

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